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Gallorosso Farm

We have been a leader in the lumbering industry for years. We promote eco-sustainable and healthy organic farming techniques for our planet.

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Farm was born in the 60s, when the “brothers Di Cuia” bought land in the territory of Montescaglioso, who were close a few kilometers from both the original core of the company, both from the city where they lived, Matera. After the succession of companies in the conduct of their children, the land was divided and we touched a branch of the Farm.

In the 90s, throughout the Murgia of Matera and Montescaglioso, given the presence of many stone churches (about 160 ), it was recognized as "archaeological park natural history of rock churches", the last stage of the process that saw Matera in the 80s as a “UNESCO site”, then in 2007 also gave recognition to the park bordering the urban core of the city of Matera and the whole area of the Murgia lucana.

Our Farm

Our Farm

Il very fact of being in a park, has given birth to us in such a “sensitivity to environmental issues” and an attitude of “environmental protection”, we have marked our company to a type of farming, refusing any kind chemical fertilization and adopting environmental protection measures, such as the planting of thousands of trees in forestry production. From this practice stems biological research to give the best to our land, so a few years ago, we began to use the vermicampost is in our kitchen garden is in the works of forestazione.

After several years of trying, given the proliferation of exponentially number of earthworms we got to produce excess amounts, that we provide people attentive to the production of healthy and natural food, without depleting the soil where crops take place, instead of enriching humus and nutrients.


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